TA DA!!!

Here…at long last…are the photos of the original Purple Sweater. It took me a couple of weeks to decide if I was happy with the length of it…it seemed a little short. But I decided it’s really ‘just right’ … and wore it yesterday when I was out running errands. When I got back, a … Continue reading TA DA!!!

Welcome, Little One!

Sophie is here at last! A little over eight pounds of squirming, protesting, absolute love-at-first-sight. Invoking the instant memory of the first time I saw my own lovely daughter…she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. (She still is!) That moment in time is one that I’ve treasured over the years, especially on the occasions … Continue reading Welcome, Little One!

Pretending It’s Winter

Here in California, we’re having the driest year since 1976…no rain for 45 consecutive days. Not even humidity! But much of the country is experiencing the worst winter since the late 1990’s. Seems terribly unfair that we can’t somehow alter our weather patterns so that California gets the water is so desperately needs…and that we … Continue reading Pretending It’s Winter